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Archive of October 2014

Car Insurance North Hollywood – Compare Car Insurance Rates

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014   by GM INSURANCE SERVICES    No Comments
Car Insurance North Hollywood - Compare Car Insurance Rates

Car Insurance North HollywoodAre you shopping for Car Insurance in N Hollywood? Many drivers are confused as to what kind of insurance is best for them. What will my price be for the coverage I need? How will I know if I'm getting the best price? What is "full coverage"? What kind of liability limits are best? And many more questions.Let's face it, price matters and getting the best car insurance at an affordable price means shopping around. How many different quotes should I get? Are the same covrages included in "full coverage" with each quote? Will I work with an agent? How much time will it take to...

Cheap Car Insurance Can Hurt You In The Long Run

On Thursday, October 16, 2014   by GM INSURANCE SERVICES    No Comments
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You want to save money so you purchase the cheapest car insurance you can find. What you don't know is that cheap car insurance can end up costing you more in the long run. In fact, cheap car insurance can leave you completely unprotected when you need it the most. Here are just a few ways that the cheap car insurance you purchased can leave you vulnerable when you need it the most. Car AccidentsYou've been in a car accident and the other driver doesn't have insurance. You call your insurance company to report that accident and you find out that...

Cheap Car Insurance North Hollywood

On Thursday, October 9, 2014   by GM INSURANCE SERVICES    No Comments
Cheap Car Insurance North Hollywood

Cheap Car Insurance North HollywoodCar insurance can be so expensive these days, and not having insurance can result in lot of trouble with the law and hurt you financially. These days, advertisements focus on getting you cheap car insurance to save you money while protecting you. However, is cheap car insurance worth it?Cheap car insurance may not cover what you need in an accident. Though the monthly cost may be affordable, if you are in an accident, can you afford to repair your vehicle or buy a new one if necessary? Liability insurance, which is generally the cheapest, just covers damages...

Los Angeles Car Insurance Premiums 25 Percent Higher than Average

On Saturday, October 4, 2014   by GM INSURANCE SERVICES    No Comments
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When you're purchasing car insurance, does where you live matter? Yes it does, according to an article from Market Watch. A recent report showed that Los Angeles was fourth on the list for heavily populated places with the most expensive car insurance, coming in behind only Detroit, Now York City, and Miami. Drivers in the Los Angeles and Long Beach region pay an average of $996 for their annual auto insurance premium, which is 25 percent above the national average, the report revealed. The article stated that places with more traffic and more crime tend to have higher rates as those...