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Archive of November 2014

DUI Insurance in California

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DUI Insurance in CaliforniaYou've gotten a DUI and aren't sure what kind of insurance you need. DUI Insurance in California is important and there are certain requirements a policy has to meet to help you receive your driving privileges back. It is very important to have an insurance policy that meets California requirements in order to start driving after DUI convictions.In order to reinstate you California Drivers License, you are required to obtain an SR-22 Insurance Form. Sr-22 is a form linking your insurance policy to California DMV. SR-22 can be obtain from your insurance company by and endorsement. SR-22 Forms...

DUI Insurance Los Angeles

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DUI Insurance Los Angeles

DUI Insurance Los Angeles A DUI arrest is a stressful experience for anyone. You may be worried about losing your job, pending court appearances, and the effects a conviction can have on your life. The last thing you want to spend your time worrying about is DUI Insurance Los Angeles. If you find yourself facing a DUI charge, there are some simple measures you need to take to protect yourself from soaring insurance rates.Do Not PanicFirst, do not call your insurance agent as soon as your arrest happens.  A lawyer can work with the court to reduce or drop a DUI...

How to Lower Your Car Insurance Rates in Los Angeles

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Car Insurance rates in Los Angeles

Car Insurance Rates in Los AngelesHow to lower your car insurance rates in Los Angeles. According to an article from NerdWallet, high insurance rates, high gas prices, and traffic delays make the journey tough for Los Angeles area commuters. The average commute time for drivers in the Los Angeles is 28.44 minutes, with some drivers from suburban communities facing an even longer trip. For example, in Palmdale, which NerdWallet found to have the worst commute in the region, drivers deal with an average commute time of 40.4 minutes.Los Angeles area commuters in the suburb of Montebello face not only higher...

Affordable Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

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Do you need Affordable Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers? If you answered Yes, you are in luck! We can help you find affordable car insurance for high risk drivers. Including drivers with DUI, DWI, accidents and moving violations. We can also help you obtain and file your SR-22 with the California DMV electronically.  Call us at 877-333-8303 or CLICK HERE for a Fee Quote.Finding high risk driver insurance can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Do I need special insurance coverage? How will I know what kind of coverage I need? Will I be able to afford high risk...