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Many renters today assume that if their landlord has building insurance, they are adequately covered in the event of a fire or water damage. However, the truth is that the building policy will not cover your personal property at all. A renter’s insurance policy will cover your personal property against fire, water damage, theft and vandalism, along with liability insurance personal injury protection if another person becomes injured on your property.

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Without a renter’s insurance policy you have no coverage for personal property damage or loss. Fortunately, through GM Insurance Services, you can easily obtain affordable renters insurance in California. Renters insurance policy will protect you and your personal property. The average cost of renters insurance policy is determined by personal property and liability limits. In addition renters insurance will obtained from the same company will give you up 25% discount on your auto insurance policy. 

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Quite often, apartment renters feel they don't have enough personal property to purchase renters insurance policies. However, by taking a minute to consider what you own, plus what you have to lose, renters policies are affordable and effective ways to minimize the loss of personal items. Such things as home appliances, computers, televisions, furniture, clothing, jewellery, and sporting equipment can all be expensive to replace.

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Rental insurance plans will clearly describe exactly what you're insured for. Most commonly, coverage will include damage from fire and lightning, smoke, vandalism and theft, accidental water discharge, and many others incidents. Your renter’s insurance policy will also include liability protection from personal lawsuits. This covers also incidents involving injury to another party while on your property. These policies can also pay for your legal defence when necessary.

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